* Motivated students interested in research experience are encouraged to contact me.
* See my research & contact page if you're interested!

Research Interests:

  • Genomics, bioinformatics, & synthetic biology education
  • R stats, python, data visualization
  • Cell cycle control, organelle size homeostasis
  • Comparative and functional genomics of mycobacteriophage
Please see my research page for more details. 

Professional History:

Associate Professor, SCSU, Dept. Biology ('09/present)

Assistant Professor, SCSU, Dept. Biology ('03/'09)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the Lab of Dr. Bruce Futcher ('97/'01)


Iowa State University             (1997)    Ph.D.     Biochemistry &     
                                                                       Molecular Biology  
                                                                       (Program in MCDB, & 
                                                                       Signal Transduction                                
                                                                       Training Group)

Drake University                   (1991)    M.A.      Biology

University of Northern Iowa  (1988)    B.A.       Major: Biology            
                                                                       Minors: German & Chem.


I have taught all these one or more times:

BIO100, General Zoology for Non-majors, lecture (3 credits)
BIO233, General Microbiology I, includes lab (4 credits)
HON280, Research Act: Enctr of Theory & Fact (4 credits); HHMI SEA-PHAGES course
HON260, The Idea of Nature I (4 credits); HHMI SEA-PHAGES course
BIO435, Developmental Biology, includes lab (4 credits)
BIO436, Cell Biology, includes lab (4 credits)
HON494, Biology Honors Prospectus, (3 credits)
BIO498, Introduction to Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, Ad-Hoc Spr07
BIO499, Independent Research, (3 credits)
BIO519, Emerging Infectious Diseases, (3 credits)
BIO542, Human Physiology, lecture (3 credits)
BIO549, Cellular Physiology, lecture (3 credits)
BIO550, Research Methods in Biology, lecture (3 credits)
BIO551, Molecular and Developmental Genetics (3 credits)
BIO560, General Topics Seminar: “Thresholds in Biology” (1 credit); (spring ‘06)
BIO561, Special Topics Seminar: “Functional Genomics” (fall ‘07), “Signal Transduction” (fall ’06), “Wild Edible Plants” (fall ‘05), “The Cell Cycle” (spring ’05) (1 credit)
BIO590, Thesis Research, (6 credits)
BIO601, Independent Study for Nurse Anesthetists (3 credits)


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