Old News

Whew! It's been a busy summer of 2013.  In the month of June, I attended the following:
  • Early in the spring term, I applied, and was selected for the SEA-PHAGES Advanced (In silico) Analysis of Bacteriophage Genomes Workshop which began after the Symposium at Janelia Farm.  Our group of faculty worked on analyzing Cluster M mycobacteriophage genomes, and has been accepted as a research manuscript in J.Virology!
  • I was selected to participate in the first workshop of the "Genome Consortium for Active Teaching's" NGS group (called GCAT-SEEK) at Juniata College, Huntingdon PA.  This workshop allowed me to perform my first RNA-Seq experiment in mycobacteriophage/mycobacteria, AND bring NGS technologies and education to SCSU Undergraduates in my Molecular Biology Course.
  • I was selected to attend the GCAT-SynBio workshop, which allowed me to return to the amazing HHMI Janelia Research Campus for four days.  My colleague Dr. Therese Bennett, Chair of the SCSU Mathematics department, and I have received funding from SCSU to develop a new Liberal Education Program (LEP) Tier 3 capstone course for STEM majors in "Synthetic Biology".  We will be offering it for the first time in the Spring 2014 term, with an eye towards creating an SCSU iGEM team to compete in the fall of 2014.  We learned a lot, and worked hard on the course proposal on the idyllic Janelia campus.  Hopefully there will be another bonus as a result of the workshop as well (TBA!)